Audio Digital Mixer with 24 Channels

QUALITY 24 CHANNELS AUDIO DIGITAL MIXER. The sound mixer is also called mixing console, it will be multi-input signal amplification, mixing, distribution, sound modification, and sound effect processing, is an important equipment for broadcasting and recording program of modern radio, stage sound amplification and audio production system.

The audio digital mixer in the number of input channels, panel function keys, and the number of output indicates the differences, in fact, to master the use of a mixer, overall to investigate it, though the actual operation and the connection, the natural Practice makes perfect.

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KSh370,000.00 KSh350,000.00


Product Description

Based on Linux operating system development, no fear of viruses, safer and more stable operation
4-core CPU processor, 1G clock speed, 17 seconds fast boot, faster operation
input Output:
Local 24-channel MIC/Line input, 2 groups of 3.5 Lotus stereo inputs, 1 set of digital inputs: fiber/sound card, MP3
12-channel signal output (main output L, R, 10-channel AUX output)
A2B remote audio extension 16-channel Mic/Line input, 8-channel signal output
40 channels of Mic/Line input, 20 channels of mixed-signal output

• The channel has a color LCD display that allows you to customize the channel name.
••MIC input gain adjustment (digital gain)
• Mic input channel parity stereo joint
• +48V phantom power (MIC channels can be turned on and off independently)
• Built-in compressor, noise gate, high and low pass filter, 5-band parametric equalization, delay.
• Channel parameter fast copy function
• Input and output EQ ON/OFF
• Multi-function knob
• Each channel has a multi-function menu, mute and monitor
• The channel is equipped with 100MM electric push rod, signal and peak light (24 ALPS electric faders)
•AUX output (before/after fader)
• Output processing: high and low pass filtering, 15-band parametric equalization, compressor, delay, phase
• Digital recording function
• Double row 3 color 12-segment level indicator
• Built-in sound card (MP3, PC directly play music)
• Four quick scene recall modes, 100 scenes can be stored, the scene name can be customized, the scene can be seamlessly switched, and the sound will not be broken.
• User parameter storage and retrieval (can be managed on the pc side)
• Local built-in four independent DSP effects,
•FX footswitch interface
•Fiber input/output
• Multi-OS operating system (IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system)
• Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment)
• 7 inch 800*480 capacitive touch display
• User-customizable layer, output mixed editing function

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