Wireless BLs 901

Product Description

The BLS901 is a professional channels wireless microphone with two mics, with 200 meters range (600ft) in each channel, for easy use with multiple systems, no confusing frequency groups. It can be placed next to speakers with no feedback or distortion. It comes with a receiver and two Wireless microphones, the receiver has two antennas for strong steady signal, backlit LCD display showing RF level, AF level, channel frequency and mute status. Automatic transmitter setup, The channel of The transmitter and receiver can easily synchronize. The two handheld microphones have backlit LCD screen showing better life and signal, The mics use two AA batteries each. The two Microphones can be used at the same time. Two XLR individual outputs and one 1/4* mixed output individual volume control on each channel. Designed for big events, big church, Hall, Field, etc.
Battery life :8 hours (AA batteries)
Wireless Range: up to 600 feet (200 meters)

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